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The Dublin Project Launches

For those of you that don’t know, the IwB 2012/2013 Major Project is The Dublin Project. Students that apply and are accepted into the program will travel to Dublin for a 5 week research trip where they will exame the various systems that make up the city.  When they return they’ll propose new and innovative sustainable urban practices that build on the existing planning practices of the city.

The Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) recently announced the partnership between the IwB, the City of Dublin and the DIT.

The MA in Design Practice - The Dublin Project is an internationally unique approach by a city and higher education to learning and innovation in the 21st century. It is a one-year, three-semester programme, delivered by DIT and supported by a large network of academic and practicing industry experts drawn from both DIT and the Institute without Boundaries (IwB) based in Toronto, Canada. These will include experts in graphic, spatial, digital, product and systems design, through to urban planning, architecture, community engagement, health sciences, engineering and business.

The objective of this programme is to leverage the combined talents of the Masters students, DIT academics, City officials and industry experts. The course will provide real-time experience to the Masters students to collaborate with DCC in enhancing the City’s diverse operations and how citizens experience them.

Each year, students on MA in Design Practice - The Dublin Project will focus on specific issues facing the City. In this first year, they will work in collaboration with students from the Institute without Boundaries (IwB) based in George Brown College, Toronto. The two student groups on either side of the Atlantic will focus on the same issue and the IWB group will visit Dublin in October to familiarise themselves with the city and to place the challenge in context. The groups will then continue to collaborate during the year, culminating in a joint exhibition to take place in 2013 in both Dublin and Toronto.

To read the full article go here.

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