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Projects Without Boundaries: Dating by Design

Projects Without Boundaries is an IwB Blog column where design thinkers dream big.  Here they get to imagine a world without the constraints of budgets, bureaucratic red tape, voters, clients and maybe even physical limitations.  Each article will feature the dream project of one designer/design studio and an accompanying image.

Dating by Design

By Ayla Newhouse

Design and love are wicked problems that require constant iteration, attention, and creativity. My dream project is an illustrated book that explores how the tools and processes of design could be applied to improving relationships.

This is a dream project for me because it combines two of my passions: human emotion and design process. By exploring the overlaps between the two, I hope to shed some light on the mysteries of both and offer some tools and philosophies that could help people improve their efforts in each.
Although the project is primarily aimed at designers, I think non-designers could also benefit.
I hope to realize this project over the next two years, with the help of Kickstarter. Of course, this is also a project that I work on every day. The dream is to share what I learn on a much bigger scale.
Ayla Newhouse is a designer and creative generalist. She is the co-founder of 1THING, an app that helps you appreciate your life, one thing at a time.

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