Institute without Boundaries

Nikki Shih

Nikki (Hsiao Chi) is a graphic designer. She graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan with a major in Communication Arts. Following her love for design and money, she worked as both a freelance graphic designer and an English teacher. After dealing with passionate clients and hyper kids for a year, Nikki decided to take further graphic design studies in OCADU. Now, she’s a post-graduate student in IwB Interdisciplinary Design Strategies.

Rock music has always been her favorite. It inspires her when she’s desperate for ideas. Before she devoted herself to design field, in high school she dreamt of becoming a hardcore rock drummer and a wicked keyboard player. But right now, you can only see it in her design works - the rock ‘n roll spirit.

For those times when Nikki is not pulling her hair for design research or head banging for Rock music, she takes photographs and she doodles. She loves photography and sketching, but she hates figure drawing.

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About the IWB

The Institute without Boundaries is a Toronto-based studio that works towards collaborative design action and seeks to achieve social, ecological and economic innovation. To learn more click here.

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