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Michelle Hotchin Program Coordinator

Michelle’s professional experience in project management and design thinking began in 2003 when she graduated from the Industrial Design program at OCAD. Prior to completing her bachelor’s degree she worked in a wide range of fields including financial services, web development and mental health services. Her diverse professional experience gives her a unique perspective when it comes to solving business and design problems. Since graduating she has worked in strategic patenting, design research and foresighting at the Beal Institute for Strategic Creativity and in design thinking and strategy for the Institute without Boundaries.

Today, Michelle is the Program Coordinator and Project Manager for the Institute without Boundaries at George Brown College. As coordinator of the post-graduate program Interdisciplinary Design Strategy, she plays a faculty and student management role that balances real project demands with educational goals. Under her guidance each academic year has delivered fresh, innovative yet feasible ideas and professional-quality communication materials that have included videos, exhibitions, books and interactive websites. Some recent exhibitions she’s coordinated include: booths at Toronto’s Interior Design Show 2010 (award winning), 2011 & 2012; an exhibition during the Fabrica del Vapore in Milano (design week 2011); Toronto Design Offsite Events 2011 & 2012. In addition, she has coordinated the design and installation of numerous exhibits at the Dominion Modern Gallery at the School of Design each year.

In addition to overseeing the academic program, Michelle also plays a project management role on a range of creative projects undertaken at the IwB. Recently these have included: an international charrette in collaboration with Belgian partner REcentre called “Sustainable Summer School“; an exhibition at the Varley Gallery in Markham, Ontario that showcased a 2011-12 student concept called “COLAB” and featured large-scale interactive elements; a community consultation project with an at-risk neighbourhood in Mississauga, Ontario.

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The Institute without Boundaries is a Toronto-based studio that works towards collaborative design action and seeks to achieve social, ecological and economic innovation. To learn more click here.

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