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Gateway Cities: IwB 2013-14

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How do gateway cities connect to the world, each other and to their local regions?

The wealth of nations is built upon successful regions. The urban centres within these regions are tightly connected through cultural, economic and social bonds.

Toronto / New York / Chicago

The 2013/14 IwB team will re-imagine the future development of our city regions by examing these three gateway cities, building on the City Systems project to help define and design smart growth and strong regional frameworks.

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  • John Ryerson

    This is very exciting especially if the gateway is GTA  , for example, new immigrants used to come into Toronmto then move to 905 - for some years now they come directly to Markham.

  • MBfromtoronto

    God point John - and of course its not just people that migrate, its ideas too. This has all the hallmarks of a being a ground breaking project.
    Maurice Barnwell

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