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The partner for the 2012/13 year is the city of Dublin, Ireland. This project will centre on examining the various systems that make up the city and proposing new and innovative sustainable urban practices that build on the existing planning practices in the city of Dublin. For more information email .

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An important factor in the success of all IwB projects is a strong network of project partners. We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the following organizations for the 2012/13 Dublin project:

Dublin City Council 
The primary project partner, Dublin City Council is the municipal authority for the City of Dublin. It employs 6,000 staff and provides over 500 services to Dublin City and the wider Dublin region.  These services include, planning, housing, roads, water, waste water, culture, recreational and emergency services. In 2012 it has a combined capital and revenue budget of €1.2 billion between capital and revenue expenditure. The City Council will act as the client in this participatory process and with its partners ensure that the project teams have the required information to undertake a comprehensive and detailed approach to the urban issues identified.

Design Twentyfirst Century
In addition to the major project partner, Design Twentyfirst Century will act as a local liaison, coordinating project details between the primary and academic partners as well as other participants. Design Twentyfirst Century is a not for profit, charitable organization dedicated to the belief that Ireland can be a prosperous, innovative and happier country if we reawaken and tap the spirit of creativity and imagination that runs deep in our people and our history.Relevant projects include Designing Dublin.

Dublin Institute of Technology 
The School of Art, Design & Printing at Dublin Institute of Technology will launch a new MA in Design Practice in collaboration with Dublin City Council, the IwB and D21C this Sept 2012. Students in this program will work on the project in parallel with a group of students from the IwB in Toronto, collaborating with IwB students when they travel to Dublin in the autumn and hopefully in turn, travelling to Toronto in spring 2013 to participate in a project charrette with the IwB team.


Innovation in Public Service Delivery for the 21st Century City

The city has traditionally been the provider of many services to its citizens, but as we enter the 21st century it is now being asked to respond to increasingly complex issues with fewer resources. If we are to create a prosperous future we need to actively design it. Dublin, like many other cities worldwide, is re-imagining how it provides the services expected of it as it prepares for the emerging requirements of a city of the future.

Starting in the September 2012, The Institute without Boundaries (IWB), part of George Brown College in Toronto, and the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) in collaboration with partners Dublin City Council and Design Twentyfirst Century (D21C) will focus on the theme of City Systems - Innovation in Public Service Delivery for the 21st Century City.

Two interdisciplinary teams of post-graduate students in Dublin and in Toronto will work together to tackle this challenge and propose new ways that the City of Dublin can continue to evolve into an open, flexible, creative city. The programme will run over twelve months and the outcomes will be disseminated in a major public exhibition that will travel between Toronto and Dublin. Results will also be shared during the year’s work via publicly available videos, web publications and a final project document at the conclusion of the project.

The students will not take on this project alone: they will be supported by a large network of academic and practicing industry experts from both DIT and IwB’s extensive inter-disciplinary networks. These supports will include expertise in graphic, spatial, digital, product and systems design through urban planning, architecture and community engagement to health sciences, engineering and business.

The result will be a new model for how the city can collaborate with its citizens to deliver new and emerging utilities, infrastructure and services. But this project’s ambition goes beyond an innovative 1-year collaboration; ultimately the goal is for Dublin City to have a ongoing Masters programme based on multidisciplinary design principles that is dedicated to generating fresh new ideas for the city. This programme will prepare a new breed of designer, who in the words of Buckminster Fuller “is an emerging synthesis of artist, mechanic, inventor, objective economist and evolutionary strategist” equipped to create innovative local solutions to 21st century global challenges.

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