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Happy Easter to our friends in Dublin

This is what you get when you Google “Dublin + Easter Bunny”

To our clients and friends in Dublin: Have a wonderful Easter weekend! And remember: There is no such thing as TOO MUCH chocolate…

Cáisc Shona Dhuit

Open Data Dashboard - Dublin Style!

See Dublin - IwB Reveals Plan For Open Data Dashboard for Irish Capital

On Friday afternoon, the Institute without Boundaries presented its plan for SeeDublin — an open data, online dashboard that would allow citizens to communicate with city officials, and city officials to talk to each other, thus improving transparency and public service delivery.

Full presentation available here.



mydublin’s Dashboard Begins to Unfold

A sneak preview of the mydublin brand identity is revealed

As the mydublin suite of public service delivery tools continue to be built, this humble observer got a sneak preview of seedublin dashboard — the shared, online resource that will help citizens communicate with the city and city officials to communicate with each other. Here is a quick look at the mapping process currently under way:

Data, data and more data!

You might want to leave your bike at home today…

seedublin presentation due tomorrow. Good luck, guys!

~ PZ

Spring Gut Check

Hello, everyone! My name is Paul Zanettos and I will be posting on behalf of the IwB while Michelle is away.

As always, the studio is buzzing with activity as students refine their projects for their clients in Dublin. Unfortunately, even though it is the first day of Spring, the sun refuses to come out in Toronto and all hopes of the expected seasonal transition are swept away with every intermittent snow fall we get throughout the day. Needless to say, this doesn’t do much for morale.

As a friend of the IwB, i would like to provide the students with the following message:

But as a communications professional with 12 years of experience as a consultant, all I can say is this:


All kidding aside, I’m honoured to be helping out the IwB with their communications endeavours. Keep it going, guys! You’re doing great!

Sabrina Dominguez

Sabrina Dominguez is a proud generalist and geek. Her varied intellectual interests led her to complete a degree in Human Geography, which sent her down a splendidly interdisciplinary path of inquiry with an urban focus. After years of thinking she was destined for a Masters degree in Urban Planning, she began to crave something more creative and applied. Turns out, a design urge had been subconsciously smoldering away inside her years before she was able to articulate it. Design is now the framework through which she hopes to collaboratively affect behavioral and systemic change that cultivates more sustainable communities. Enter IwB.

Eager and excited to delve into design of all types, Sabrina is particularly keen to investigate the potential of co-creation in the city, which she believes the future resilience of cities will require.

Among other things, Sabrina’s CV includes: working with social enterprises, anti-poverty organizations and public space advocacy groups, cycling across a continent and up one of the toughest climbs in the Tour de France, and being a chocolate aficionado.

She’s thrilled to embark on this journey and prepare herself for a hybrid career in urban planning, design, and community engagement-or if that falls through, become a master accordion player and tramp around Europe.

Andrew Phillips

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Toronto, the life of Andrew Phillips could be summed up in his home town’s motto, “Diversity our Strength”. Andrew studied political ecology at Queen’s University where he developed a passionate curiosity about in the history and inner-workings of the complex systems that make up the modern world. Yes, he can be a bit wordy, but he prefers wordsmith because hey, it’s not easy to translate an eccentric imagination into a short bio section.

An aspiring jack-of-all-trades, Andrew is a trained researcher and budding design strategist with global experience and a practical understanding of project design, development, and execution across multiple industries. He has initiated and helped manage projects that have involved creative, field, academic and community consultation research methods and has developed a comprehensive understanding of NGO operations strengthened by field experience working with various groups in North America, Africa and Central America. Andrew believes that most inter-cultural dialogue happens through a design interface and is fascinated with exploring the synergies between design process and community development initiatives.

Prior to joining the IwB Andrew was exposed to the intricacies of public process design and civic engagement research while working at MASS LBP, a Toronto public consultation firm working to promote deliberative democracy. He then established and directed TEDxQueensU, the inaugural TEDx conference at Queen’s University. Andrew spent the past year working in the studio of Bruce Mau Design, gaining valuable hands on experience in interdisciplinary design process and project management while working with thought leaders in culture, commerce, media and education. When he’s not working for “the man”, Andrew spends much of his free time attempting to remedy the world’s wicked problems by thinking up creative pro-social projects with his friend Matt, in their social action studio*, Friction/Frontier.

“The amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigor, and moral courage it contained. That so few now dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of the time.”
- John Stuart Mill

*Note, the physical space of this studio may or may not exist in the imagination.

Karin Hatch

Karin grew up in White Rock BC. Upon completing a science degree at UVIC, she embarked on a heavily mobile life, homesteading on both coasts, global travel and finally finding herself in Toronto in 2003. She has a myriad of experience from teaching needle felting, to freelance photography, and running her own personal training studio. Over the years she has worked many renovations over many houses, with adaptive design as well as being the principal designer and general contractor for a cottage build. The future holds design and implementation of community assist projects with a strong sustainable and humanitarian lend. She will also continue to prove that the best bottle of wine is the one that’s shared.

Thevishka Kanishkan

Thevishka was born and raised in Toronto. She attended Queen’s University, graduating with a BScH in Environmental Biology and a Minor in Geography. She loves traveling and has been to over 25 different countries, including Denmark, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and many, many others. While at Queen’s she went on bilateral exchange to the University of Oslo, Norway, where she learned that it really is a small world after all. She has a great passion for environmental issues, and was involved with Queen’s Backing Action on Climate Change and the development of Queen’s University’s Climate Action Plan. She loves visual arts, reading, good food and fine wine, and firmly believes that travels are the only thing you buy that make you richer.

Matthew Kelling

Matthew graduated from Queen’s University in 2012 with an honours degree in Political Studies and Global Development, and is excited to return to his home(city) of Toronto.

Fascinated by the urban environment, he sees the future of the city as a critical challenge facing humanity.  However, he is inspired by the opportunities that reside within the concentrated chaos, and the promise they hold for a more open and just society.  Matthew is particularly interested in the impact of the political process on the evolution of urban landscapes, and sees hope in greater public engagement.  He has a strong belief that the blurring line between public and private space is an issue that must be resolved for real democracy to be maintained.

Through the collaborative process at the IwB, Matthew hopes to learn the language, tools and strategies of design.  He believes they can be leveraged to improve the future of the city and confront a multiplicity of problems.

When he’s not writing serious autobiographies, Matthew loves concerts, craft beer, and unusually dangerous sporting activities.  He is terrible at cooking.

Camille Bleytou

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Born and raised in France, Camille thrives on challenge and discovery and realized that design was her passion at a very young age. From 14-17 she majored in Design (Design Product and Solutions, Applied Art, Art History, Drawing and Painting) at Lycée La Martinière Terreaux in Lyon and was fortunate enough to intern at Publicis, Design-Office and Van Cleef & Arpels. In 2008, at the age of 17, she moved on her own to Toronto to study Environmental Design at OCADU, graduating this past June…and learning to speak English along the way.

Believing that a multi-disciplinary approach is essential for design to maximize its potential in this era of hyper-urbanism, she is thrilled to be a part of the IWB and work with experts in a multitude of design fields. She also feels incredibly lucky to be working with the city, experts and fellow students of Dublin because it coincides beautifully with her other passion – travel.

Having traveled through Europe, North Africa, North America and Southeast Asia, Camille sincerely believes that there is much we can learn from other cultures and their best practices and is anxious to share and learn with her fellow IWB colleagues.

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