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Gavin Baxter

Gavin Baxter is a designer, builder and project manager at s.h.e.d a small design-build practice where a multi-disciplinary approach is utilized to strategically pair creative visioning with quality-crafted projects.  He has a background in carpentry and landscape construction, a diploma in architectural technology and has completed a post-graduate study at the Institute without Boundaries.  He has participated in a variety of domestic and international planning/design workshops with the IwB, and also took part in City Move Interdesign in Gellivare, Sweden in 2009.  Gavin is a professional member of the Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition and a board member for 10 Carden ( where he is responsible for accessibility planning and implementation.

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The Institute without Boundaries is a Toronto-based studio that works towards collaborative design action and seeks to achieve social, ecological and economic innovation. To learn more click here.

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