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Spring Gut Check

Hello, everyone! My name is Paul Zanettos and I will be posting on behalf of the IwB while Michelle is away.

As always, the studio is buzzing with activity as students refine their projects for their clients in Dublin. Unfortunately, even though it is the first day of Spring, the sun refuses to come out in Toronto and all hopes of the expected seasonal transition are swept away with every intermittent snow fall we get throughout the day. Needless to say, this doesn’t do much for morale.

As a friend of the IwB, i would like to provide the students with the following message:

But as a communications professional with 12 years of experience as a consultant, all I can say is this:


All kidding aside, I’m honoured to be helping out the IwB with their communications endeavours. Keep it going, guys! You’re doing great!

Innovative Community Engagement Techniques

Posted by Michelle Hotchin in Inspiring with 0 Comments

This Designing Chicago kickstarter campaign didn’t meet its funding target, but it demonstrates an interesting business model that required raising both financial and social capital in order to reach its goal.

Screen Grab of the Process at “Designing Chicago” - Click to view the entire site & project description

Jennifer Pahlka: Coding a better government

Posted by Jeremy Vandermeij in Inspiring with 0 Comments

More inspiring research as we ramp up for the IwB: Dublin project - check out these great precedents for open-data, citizen-powered governance:

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