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Happy Easter to our friends in Dublin

This is what you get when you Google “Dublin + Easter Bunny”

To our clients and friends in Dublin: Have a wonderful Easter weekend! And remember: There is no such thing as TOO MUCH chocolate…

Cáisc Shona Dhuit

Open Data Dashboard - Dublin Style!

See Dublin - IwB Reveals Plan For Open Data Dashboard for Irish Capital

On Friday afternoon, the Institute without Boundaries presented its plan for SeeDublin — an open data, online dashboard that would allow citizens to communicate with city officials, and city officials to talk to each other, thus improving transparency and public service delivery.

Full presentation available here.



mydublin’s Dashboard Begins to Unfold

A sneak preview of the mydublin brand identity is revealed

As the mydublin suite of public service delivery tools continue to be built, this humble observer got a sneak preview of seedublin dashboard — the shared, online resource that will help citizens communicate with the city and city officials to communicate with each other. Here is a quick look at the mapping process currently under way:

Data, data and more data!

You might want to leave your bike at home today…

seedublin presentation due tomorrow. Good luck, guys!

~ PZ

The Dublin Project Atelier Medium: Final Presentation

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This presentation is the result of 2 weeks of intense design development as the IwB student team tackled the first of 3 “ateliers” that will see them pursuing design development at the neighbourhood, household & city scales. Download the presentation to see where the students are on designing “My Dublin”!

Atelier Medium: Week 1

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The Dublin Project Brief 2013

Each year after completing 4 months of intensive study, skill-building, applied projects and major project research, the IwB students prepare a single document that outlines the results of their investigation, deeper-level objectives and approach to tackling the next half of the project year.

Communications Charrette: Speak Dublin On Your Street

For one week, IwB students explored and proposed new urban communication practices, examining both external communication practices (how does DCC communicate to residents & visitors?) and internal communication practices (how do people within the DCC communicate to each other?). Working in 2 teams, each group selected an area of focus based on this criteria. These concepts take a fresh approach to the challenges of urban communication, moving beyond some of the concepts already proposed during the previous modules, charrette and major project.

Connecting communities.
Empowering residents to have a voice in the city.
Promoting city initiatives & making it easier to use the city.

The Results are 2 different but complementary concepts: Speak Dublin & On Your Street. Click links below to view these results!

43 Aungier Street

Environmental Design Project Results

For just 3 weeks the IwB students designed new uses for a 4-storey derelict building at the corner of Aungier Street & Digges Street Upper in Dublin. For most of them this was more than a conceptual design project - in fact it was their first ever architectural design project. The results are impressive! Click on the images below to download either the overall summary presentation or the individual student projects. Please be warned - most of these are quite large files!

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (Warning - Large File)

Service design!

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IwB students are preparing for a service design charrette in Dublin starting Monday. One of the deliverables is a video demonstrating their proposal. Some examples:

What is Service Design?
How to explain service design at a party

Experience Design Videos – A How To
An article by Frog Design on how to prototype experience design with video, and how to create a video in only 90 minutes

Prototyping Interaction with Video Scenarios from David Sherwin

Examples of Service Design Videos
Social Service Design by students at Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden

Service Design - Final Scenario from Camila Lima on Vimeo.

Service Design Project from Camila Lima on Vimeo.

Hospital Emergency Rooms

Electric Cars and “Coping with Range Anxiety”

Visions of the future – snapshots of technologies predicted by Phillips in 1996

Institute without Boundaries – Service and Product Proposals
GreenStream – Home appliance energy efficiency

Proximity  - Live Work Social Networking App

Green Peas – sustainable living incentive program for kids

Videos don’t have to be complicated to be effective…
Installation of Renovate Your Neighbourhood exhibit, Institute without Boundaries

traffic counts

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traffic count Wexford Street Kevin Street

traffic count Charolette Street Camden Street

traffic count Dame Street Georges Street

Junction layouts1


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