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Alumni 2010/2011

Lauren Miles

Lauren Miles was raised in the heart of suburbia (Whitby, Ontario) and, as a teenager, spent her summers working at a strawberry farm. She graduated from Queen’s University in 2009 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in political studies and art history. At Queen’s, she sat on the editorial board of the Queen’s Journal, founded in 1873 as the university’s student newspaper. During her undergraduate studies, Lauren spent six weeks studying at a restored fifteenth-century castle in East Sussex, England. Her recent research projects and interests include art conservation, twentieth-century painting in the United States, Gothic and Gothic Revival architecture, Scandinavian politics and women’s political issues.

Lauren’s personal heroes are Debbie Harry, Andy Warhol, Martha Stewart and the Reverend Jen Miller. In her spare time, she enjoys music, cooking, film and nail polish.

Payåm Shalchian

Born in Tehran, Payåm experienced an Orwellist sociocultural lifestyle for the first two decades of his life. He then migrated to Canada in 2004 and rebelled against an engineer’s mind frame, wanting to become a car designer; thus, he studied industrial design at Carleton University while maintaining connection with the fine art activists. Payåm acquired professional and international experience through various internship opportunities. Once he graduated, he started to look at design differently.

He enjoys listening to the music of Room Eleven, his favourite band, and his favourite book is The Little Prince.

Sebastian Whyte

Sebastian is fascinated by cities, constructed environments and planning issues. He holds a Bachelor of
Urban & Regional Planning from Ryerson University and attended the Summer Studies in Architecture
program at Parsons School of Design. Sebastian has interned and worked with urban planning and
planning related firms in Toronto, and has traveled to many parts of Europe and North America. His
spare time as a youth was devoted to skateboarding, while more recently he has taken lessons on
different musical instruments and in improvisation. He can communicate in French, Spanish and Czech.
Sebastian is thrilled to be a part of the IWB team, and aims to contribute to positive, sustainable
solutions in the design / architecture / urban planning field in the future.

Miki Seltzer

Although born in Washington DC, Miki has lived and learned in Israel for most of her childhood, until she was 18 years old. After graduating high school-in which she majored in studio/art history-, Miki joined the army for a 2-year mandatory service and acted as an operational sergeant in the Military Police headquarters.

She has a Bachelors of Science in architecture (with a double major in Studio art/graphic design) from the University of Maryland. Miki has worked for two years at GTMarchitects - an architecture firm in Bethesda, MD, in the corporate interior design department. During her work experience there, she was involved in all the projects’ phases, from the conceptual design through to construction. Then she moved back home to Israel and worked for a year at ROArchitects-an architectural firm that specializes mostly in medical design.

She has also had the opportunity to work as a cook in a restaurant, volunteer at Neot Smadar - an alternative Kibutz in the southern part of Israel, and to work independently on several graphic design projects. After about a year of exploring and diversifying, Miki has returned to ROArchitects and have been working there since.

Jamie Black

Jamie is a trained geographer and strategist with international experience in education, media and design. He’s provided insight, analysis and innovative solutions to city revitalization plans, branding and strategy projects, long-term planning in educational environments, events coordination and diverse research initiatives.

Currently, Jamie is inspired by the notion and potential of the “Change Strategist”; just as a traditional architect transforms buildings and environments, the “Change Strategist” navigates the social, economic, political and environmental landscapes (both physical and digital) to create positive change for communities and clients.

Jamie holds a postgraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Design Strategy from the Institute without Boundaries as well as Bachelors of Arts from Carleton University.


Richelle Sibolboro

Milan-based designer Richelle Sibolboro is currently a hustler of stories. As an editor, videographer and social media guru for, she spends the majority of her day communicating to readers design projects and architectural narratives through images, text and videos. When she is not on the twitsphere, pinning or publishing, she spends her time documenting the urban landscape (specifically Il Duomo) and translating everything from Italian to English.


Apostolo Zeno

Apostolo recently graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Toronto with majors in Sociology and Urban Geography, and a minor in music. During his time at the University, Apostolo took part in a wide array of activities and groups. He was an elected member of the St. Michael’s College Student Union, a coach and active participant for a variety of intramural sports teams, a student mentor, and Residence Don.

During the 2009 academic year, Apostolo conducted research with Professor Barry Wellman at the University of Toronto in the field of social networking. During his spare time, Apostolo enjoys playing sports and continues to work on completing his Bachelor’s Degree in piano performance. Apostolo is looking forward to his upcoming year with the Institute without Boundaries and aspires to work in the architectural and planning fields.

Robert Giusti

Born and raised in the GTA, Robert is a graduate of a three-year Architectural Technology program and more recently, has received a bachelor degree in Environmental Compliance & Regulations. He has also had the opportunity to study the Italian language in Viareggio, Italy and has travelled parts of Europe, US and Canada.

In addition to his studies, he has been involved in two major research projects over the past year, both focused on providing retrofit solutions for existing buildings using sound, yet innovative building science principles. He has also been working in the architectural field over the past three years and has experience working on both large-scale and small-scale projects ranging from commercial to residential.

He has a strong passion for sustainable design and development and an excellent understanding of both the built and natural environment in which we live.

Graeme Kondruss

Graeme Kondruss is fascinated by the power of design and its ability to evoke thought and change. Having grown up in a household disciplined in the artistic mediums of film and fine art, Graeme has been influenced and encouraged to creatively think and problem solve from a young age. An honours student at the Architectural Technology Program at George Brown College, Graeme has extended his interests to include interior design, urban planning, sustainability and the study of physical space and its impact on social issues. During his period at George Brown, Graeme was “Peer Liaison”, dealing with student/college issues and conflicts. Graeme also holds a diploma in Tool and Die making. An avid snowboarder, Graeme has boarded across the country including Whistler/Blackcomb Mountain. In his spare time, Graeme also enjoys the culinary arts, and travel. Recently, Graeme has taken part in several charrettes with the Institute Without Boundaries, most recently helping to develop and lead their Evergreen Brickworks Charrette to generate concepts for an educational youth program and facility.

Graeme is eagerly looking forward to his year with IWB and cherishes the opportunity to not only further develop his skills and knowledge of the design process, but also to put into practice what he has learned.

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